The Project

Welcome to QuantumVisions!

The project QuantumVision provides a visual approach to quantum physics. In a period of 15 years (2008–2023), in cooperation with the QuantumVisions production team, more than 100 short animation movies have been created. At its core, the project offers a purely visual approach to a large variety of topics in quantum physics.

Based on well established mathematical and experimental results, the project QuantumVisions introduces a visual language for quantum states, entanglement, the measurement process, and the topology of the Hilbert space (denoted quantum dimension in this project).

Essential is the distinction between four levels of representations: We distinguish experiments with very many quanta from those with single quanta. In theory, we distinguish observable probabilities from unobservable amplitudes in Hilbert space (the quantum dimension).

We provide the full text and weblinks of the animations, comment on the structure of the project, its mathematical foundation, and on the accompanying feature movie Shadow Worlds in this project documentation.